Incident Summary

The Total Number of Incidents since we started recording them can be found by selecting '-Year' from the Year filter : 5357
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During 2020 all NCI stations closed for two months at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. On re-opening most stations were single-manned for the rest of the year.

Glossary of Terms
FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent, MoP = Member of the Public, NFA = No Further Action, HMCG, CG or MCA = Coastguard, MisPer = Missing Person
CRT = Coastguard Rescue Team, CGOC = Coast Guard Operations Centre, ILB/ALB/LB = Lifeboats, MV = Motor Vessel, MB = Motor Boat,
ML = Motor Launch, FV = Fishing Vessel, PB = Power Boat, PWC = Personal Water Craft ("Jet Ski"), RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat,
VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier, UKBF = UK Border Force
Incident No. Date of Incident Station Name Incident Summary Initiated by Lifeboat involved MCA MCA No.
37511 27/03/2021 NCI Needles Lone kayaker capsized. Reboarded kayak with help of kite surfer and sailboarder. Advised HMCG two person now in water. AWL tasked to incident and recovered kayaker and handed over to IoW Ambulance. NCI Yes Yes 006766
37455 27/03/2021 NCI Porthcawl HMCG requested visual on injured MoP. Casualty location confirmed, out of sight of station. NCI thanked and stood down. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 006767
37474 25/03/2021 NCI Torbay Heard PanPan call re broken down launch. Advised HMCG casualty visual and gave weather conditions. RNLI took casualties aboard and vessel now under tow. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 006586
37428 24/03/2021 NCI Hengistbury Head HMCG requested visual search for downed paraglider. Mist reducing visibility - nothing seen on bearing given. Shoreline Engineer later confirmed all chutes accounted for. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 006497
37496 20/03/2021 NCI Wells-next-the-Sea MoP reported his dog collapsed on beach with suspected broken leg. HMCG advised, CRT tasked to assist. Dog recovered to owner's vehicle by CRT. NCI No Yes 006142
37408 20/03/2021 NCI Prawle Point FV reported breakdown. HMCG not receiving. NCI phone HMCG to give details. FV later confirmed assistance not required. NCI No Yes 006151
37413 20/03/2021 NCI Newhaven 2 PCs asked about 3 youths shouting at people on beach. Visual check carried out but nothing seen. NFA Police No No
37405 19/03/2021 NCI Exmouth HMCG requested observation of yacht aground, waiting for rising tide. Yacht refloated with tide. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 006058
37451 19/03/2021 NCI Penzance HNCG requested NCI to observe yacht with engine failure of St Michael's Mount. No tow available. Yacht later confirmed intending to sail to Plymouth for repairs. No further assistance required. MCA/HMCG No Yes
37397 16/03/2021 NCI Skegness HMCG requested review of CCTV footage to locate missing person. Police reviewed footage. Nothing seen. Misper later located several miles away. MCA/HMCG No Yes 5815
37414 16/03/2021 NCI Porthcawl HMCG requested visual on windsurfer possibly in trouble. Local dinghy seen - confirmed no windsurfer in area. HMCG advised. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 005782
37450 13/03/2021 NCI Penzance HMCG relayed report of windsurfer in difficulty. Visual and CCTV scan - all windsurfers safe and well. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 005558
37381 12/03/2021 NCI Hornsea HMCG requested CCTV search for missing person to assist pollice. Casualty had already left beach in company of two MoPs. Stood down. MCA/HMCG No Yes 005511
37356 07/03/2021 NCI Fleetwood CG requested visual check on three MoPs possibly at risk from tide. Targets identified and monitored. Incident closed when CRT confirmed all safe ashore. MCA/HMCG No Yes 5113
37359 04/03/2021 NCI Gosport 6 youths on steps below cafe terrace. QHM & HMCG advised. Youths waded back to beach. NCI No Yes 004876
37422 04/03/2021 NCI Torbay HMCG requested visual scan of cliffs for MisPer wearing black. NCI, Police and police helo and CRT find nothing. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 004885
37338 04/03/2021 NCI Porthcawl Local police requested visual search for missing, possibly suicidal, MoP. Area surveyed visually and by camera. One individual found not to be the target. Monitoring continued until dusk. CG informed. Police No Yes n/n
37316 03/03/2021 NCI Mablethorpe Reported collapsed MoP on beach to CG. CRT attended and casualty transferred to ambulance. NCI No Yes 4789
37292 01/03/2021 NCI Cape Cornwall CG requested any sighting of windsurfer reportedly in difficulty. No sighting but CRT established that target had landed ashore MCA/HMCG No Yes 4608
37289 27/02/2021 NCI Nells Point CG requested any sighting of large floating debris reported by MoP. Object not sighted but possible identification of earlier object passed. . MCA/HMCG No Yes 4320
37291 27/02/2021 NCI Torbay In contact with CG and Torquay HM concerning two illegal climbers seen on Thatchers Rock. Two kayaks reported leaving area. MCA/HMCG No Yes 4330
37286 26/02/2021 NCI Skegness Assisted police in identification of possible offender. nfa Police No Yes n/n
37307 26/02/2021 NCI Polruan Off-duty watchkeeper reported small craft operating suspiciously to CG. NFA at this stage while investigations continue. NCI No Yes 4292
37326 26/02/2021 NCI Nare Point CG requested any sighting of female MoP reported by other walkers as missing. Target sighted and reported safe. nfa MCA/HMCG No Yes 4620
37334 26/02/2021 NCI Mundesley CG requested any update on large drums reported on beach. They had been reported previously and local authority would be updated. MCA/HMCG No Yes 4241
37252 19/02/2021 NCI Exmouth Reported to CG concern for kite surfer with tangled rig on sands with incoming tide. Monitored and confirmed to CG that he had safely made shore. NCI No Yes n/n
37247 18/02/2021 NCI Lyme Bay CG requested any sighting of a red flare. A number of other units activated and established that a MoB marker had washed ashore and self-ignited. NFA MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 3545
37242 16/02/2021 NCI Calshot Tower In contact with CG over drifting RIB. Stood down after recovery tow arranged. NCI No Yes 3405
37243 15/02/2021 NCI Torbay CG called for any sighting of sailboarder reported in trouble with persons in water. Targets observed swimming back to beach, nfa MCA/HMCG No Yes 3298
37325 15/02/2021 NCI Nare Point Falmouth Pilots requested any sighting of drifting marker buoy. CG and pilots advised that buoy had been reported washed ashore. NCI No Yes n/n
37239 15/02/2021 NCI Hornsea Reported to CG a tree trunk on beach as potential hazard to small craft. EYRC will take action to remove. NCI No Yes 33273
37229 14/02/2021 NCI Worms Head In contact with CG over two MoPs observed on headland in dangerous weather. Monitored and reported their safe return inland, Subjects were advised by NCI to take more care in future. NCI No Yes 3201
37226 13/02/2021 NCI Hornsea Reported to CG quantity of debris on beach as a hazard to craft when refloated. Local council removed it. NCI No Yes 3131
37216 11/02/2021 NCI Hornsea CG requested camera footage of female extracted from sea. Reported that camera currently malfunctioning. nfa MCA/HMCG No Yes 2976
37196 08/02/2021 NCI Torbay CG requested visual check for persons reported in the sea off Meadfoot Beach. Area checked by CCTV and CRT but no sighting. FAWGI MCA/HMCG No Yes 2813
37171 04/02/2021 NCI Cromer Reported to CG that vessel clearly underway was showing on AIS as anchored. Ship was advised to correct its Nav Station. NCI No Yes n/n
37177 04/02/2021 NCI Hornsea Reported to CG a large tree trunk on beach which would be a danger if washed out on next tide. NCI No Yes 2453
37164 02/02/2021 NCI Charlestown CG requested any MoP reported sighting of craft in trouble. Visibility poor but observed object possibly mistaken for a boat in trouble. Incident closed. FAWGI MCA/HMCG No Yes 2296
37184 02/02/2021 NCI Shoreham Relayed MoP report of kite surfer in difficulty to CG. Monitored and updated when he was assisted ashore by other surfers. NCI No Yes 2274
37149 01/02/2021 NCI Teignmouth CG requested any sighting of 'sunken boat' reported by MoP. Object sighted when mist cleared and seen to be a large tree trunk confirmed by CRT. FAWGI nfa. MCA/HMCG No Yes 2154


Currently 56 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies offering a variety of skills and experience, and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.








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