Incident Summary 2011

Total Number of Incidents for the year to date 301
Glossary of Terms
FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent, MoP = Member of the Public, NFA = No Further Action, MRCC = Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre,
HMCG, CG or MCA = Coastguard, CRT = Coastguard Rescue Team, ILB/ALB/LB = Lifeboats, MV = Motor Vessel, MB = Motor Boat, ML = Motor Launch,
FV = Fishing Vessel, PWC = Personal Water Craft ("Jet Ski"), RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat, VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier,
UKBF = UK Border Force
Incident No. Date of Incident Station Name Incident Summary Initiated by Lifeboat involved MCA MCA No.
11304 31/12/2011 NCI Mablethorpe Involved in disposal of live flare found by MoP. Police attended to remove. NCI No No 270286
11303 17/12/2011 NCI St Alban's Head CG requested iinfo on MoP report of swimmers in difficulty. Confirmed they were not. LBs stood down. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 5862
11302 14/12/2011 NCI Newhaven Reported possible loss of FV in F10 seas. Beam trawler resighted after 30 mins. NFA NCI No Yes 5838
11301 08/12/2011 NCI Newhaven Co-operated with CG to warn coastal path walkers of bomb disposal operations. CG also attended. MCA/HMCG No Yes 5764
11300 02/12/2011 NCI Polruan CG requested monitoring and updates of disabled MB for ILB to tow in safely. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes
11299 29/11/2011 NCI Lee-on-the-Solent Reported and monitored investigation of capsized yacht until out of sight. NCI No No
11298 27/11/2011 NCI Porthdinllaen Reported capsized catamaran and flare. LB rescued crew and later towed in to beach. NCI Yes Yes 3989
11297 26/11/2011 NCI Lyme Bay Recovered major cordage flotsam from surf as danger to small craft. NCI No No
11296 26/11/2011 NCI Southend Reported kitesurfer in difficulty and monitored until he reached shore. CG Mobile attended. NCI No Yes 5318
11295 22/11/2011 NCI Rame Head Reported divers on restricted wreck recovering artefacts. MOD Police attended and interviewed. NCI No Yes 5256
11294 21/11/2011 NCI Nells Point CG requested monitoring of Chan. 16 for kayak in difficulties off Watchet. MoP recovered by LB. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 267126
11293 21/11/2011 NCI Newhaven CG requested any sighting of open cross-channel dory. Empty Craft found off France. NFA in UK MCA/HMCG No Yes 5620
11292 21/11/2011 NCI Nells Point CG requested search for missing camper. Boy found safe and well. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 267113
11291 19/11/2011 NCI St Alban's Head Advised CG that RIB reportedly capsized was being monitored until low visibility shut in. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 5600
11290 19/11/2011 NCI Folkestone Reported object on cliff face. CG assessed as traffic cone. False alarm with good intent. NFA NCI No Yes 266879
11289 17/11/2011 NCI Torbay Relayed MoP report of capsized dinghy and monitored until it righted and returned to harbour. NCI No Yes 266739
11288 16/11/2011 NCI Shoreham Relayed MoP report of heavy rope flotsam off harbour. CG and HM informed.Nfa NCI No No
11287 10/11/2011 NCI Portland Bill CG requested monitoring of recovery of disabled open boat by LB. Updated CG until back in harbour. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes
11286 09/11/2011 NCI Skegness Reported to Seal Sanctury a distressed beached seal. Staff attended to remove for assessment. NCI No No
11285 06/11/2011 NCI Southend CG requested visual on disabled yacht. Position passed and monitored recovery by LB. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 5086
11284 05/11/2011 NCI Calshot Tower Reported possible flare.LB searched with no contact. Assessed as firework. NFA NCI Yes Yes 8477
11283 04/11/2011 NCI Calshot Tower Reported yacht aground. CG contacted crew who opted to await flood tide. Police launch attended. NCI No Yes 5461
11282 29/10/2011 NCI Skegness Reported kayak in possible danger and monitored until safely ashore. NFA NCI No No
11281 29/10/2011 NCI Lee-on-the-Solent Treated injured lady donator. Ambulance attended to return her home. NCI No Yes 615
11280 27/10/2011 NCI Shoreham Reported boat wreckage off harbour. Conned ILB on chan. 14 to recover. NCI Yes Yes 5363
11279 26/10/2011 NCI Folkestone Relayed MoP report of wreckage ashore. LB investigated. No further report. NCI Yes Yes 264683
11278 22/10/2011 NCI Stepper Point Reported flare red flare from FV. Monitored and updated CG on recovery by another FV. NCI No Yes 4845
11277 16/10/2011 NCI Newhaven CG requested position of disabled MB. Fix passed. LB recovered safely to harbour. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 5259
11275 15/10/2011 NCI Felixstowe Relayed telephone call from disabled MC up river. Ferry Port HM recovered to shore. NCI No No 4805
11276 15/10/2011 NCI Folkestone Reported unmanned drifting dinghy. CG attended. Dinghy recovered to harbour by passing yacht. NCI No Yes
11274 14/10/2011 NCI Bass Point Monitored near-miss incident and warned second FV in same area. NFA NCI No No
11273 14/10/2011 NCI Gosport Assisted in refining position of disabled FV for LB recovery. NCI Yes Yes 5226
11272 09/10/2011 NCI Calshot Tower Reported capsized catamaran. Righted by passing MB. Hamble LB attended to check. NFA NCI Yes Yes 263017
11271 05/10/2011 NCI Teignmouth Reported anchored yacht in possible danger in near gale. LB eventually launched to tow into harbour. NCI Yes Yes 262633
11270 05/10/2011 NCI Nells Point CG requested info on possible oil slick reportedby an aircraft. NCI confirmed as large seaweed drift. MCA/HMCG No Yes 3394
11269 04/10/2011 NCI Portland Bill Assisted in refining position of disabled yacht for LB recovery. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes
11268 04/10/2011 NCI Calshot Tower Reported drifting RIB. CG requested HM to investigate. NFA NCI No Yes 5098
11267 03/10/2011 NCI Calshot Tower Reported capsized dinghy with RIB trying to assist. ILB attended to right and tow in with two MoP. NCI Yes Yes 5081
11266 02/10/2011 NCI Folkestone CG requested info on children in drifting dinghy. Assisted by canoes and swimmer to reach shore. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes
11265 02/10/2011 NCI Folkestone CG requested infor on drunken swimmer. Not visible due to glare. Swimmer recovered by other MoPs. MCA/HMCG No Yes


Currently 56 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies offering a variety of skills and experience, and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.








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