Station Meeting 25 September 2019 Minutes

Chapel Point National Coastwatch

Minutes of meeting held at 1900 on Wednesday 25 September 2019

                                                            Chairman : Roger Gilburd              

Secretary/Minutes : Barry Caldicott                                                  Treasurer : John Speirs

               Training Manager :  Roger Smith                                                 H & S : Stephen Oakes

Attendees :   Roger Gilburd, Roger Smith, Barry Caldicott, John Speirs, Stephen Oakes, Brian Sears, Stephanie Biss, Terry Kilmore, Alan Wise,  Rachael Wojna, Maurice Kent, David Perrin, Gordon Mattin, Alan Brown, David Snodin, Graham Coomber

  1. 1.      Apologies : Alan England, Garry Hutchinson, Pauline Else

               Meeting was opened at 19:00

Roger G thanked everyone for their attendance. After his initial introduction, we continued with the Agenda.

  1. 2.      Financial matters – John Speirs passed on the following financial details.

This consisted of the following ;

19 September 2019 balance being £4827 to date.

John will provide anyone details of our finances upon request.


  1. 3.      Trustees – For the benefit of those who did not know, Roger spoke of the Trustees for our area. These are Ian Whalley (Deputy Chairman) – he joined NCI in 2009 and his duties include DSM at NCI Skegness, National Fundraising and lead on the East Coast new stations and Clive Pouncey – he joined NCI Skegness in 2014 and has served as Treasurer, Station Manager and Training Officer. Currently Deputy Station Manager, his responsibilities include Lead for Personnel and has a joint responsibility for the development of new stations in the North East.


  1. 4.      Announcement on our first AGM. – RG spoke of our first AGM which is to be held before the end of January 2020. BC explained that our first AGM according to the Constitution, is to be held within the first 18 months of a new station opening. During this AGM, we will be voting for positions of Secretary and Treasurer. These are annual positions. As Roger was appointed Station Manager by NCI, his position will be due for voting in July 2021 (a position normally held for 3 years). To move from this matter, we chose a date for the next meeting which will be 11 December 2019, so we can discuss the AGM and its requirement further.


  1. 5.      Training Opportunities : Clive Pouncey of Skegness runs a training evening for his team at Skegness at the City Gardens pub on the 2nd Tuesday every month. Clive will email Barry on what the subject will be and in turn, will let ourselves know of the subject via email. Of those who wish to attend, could you please let Barry know on each occasion as he will be letting Clive know of our numbers. Also we will record the names for our own training register.


  1. 6.      Log Book Entries : We have been informed by our Trustee Clive Pouncey that we need to change some ways which we log information within our log book. In future, we are to sign our initials at the end of each line after entries instead of writing our membership number. In addition, when completing the weather report, when it comes down to stating the visibility, we enter our horizon distance of 6 miles followed by a + sign if the visibility is further. BC will renew the example sheet in the watch room to reflect this.


  1. 7.      Communications : BC stated that despite him sending out emails, not everyone is acknowledging receipt of these if requested. As all our positions are voluntary, it would not be fair on anyone having to chase/telephone others daily for their acknowledgements. Please do respond to emails if requested.


  1. 8.      Suggestion Box : Stephen Oakes has kindly offered to make a “Suggestion Box” for our use in the watch room.


  1. 9.       Monthly News Letter : A Monthly News Letter is published and pinned on the notice board within the watch room. Please can you all ensure that you read this.


  1. 10.    DFS – Declared Facility Status : We are slowly approaching our DFS assessment and John Speirs asked if we could have DFS training. Roger G stated that this is an individual commitment whilst on watch and everyone should continue to revise the training manual.


  1. 11.   AOB

(i)                 Maurice Kemp asked about purchasing a magnetic compass for use within the Observatory. Due to the amount of metal within the frame of the building, the use of Magnetic Compasses has been unsatisfactory. No purchase will be made.

(ii)               David Perrin asked if we could have a chart showing the silhouette’s for different types of sailing vessels. This would make easy selection of vessels type for log keeping. Due to the minimum number of vessels passing our coast line, it was decided that no chart would be necessary.

(iii)             Simon Reynolds asked about a second Polorus for use in the Southern window of the watchroom. Gordon Mattin has volunteered to manufacture a new one.


            12.   No further items to discuss, the meeting ended at 19:55.


              Date of next meeting : 11 December at 1900, venue St Leonards Church Hall.


Currently 56 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies offering a variety of skills and experience, and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.








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