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Incident Summary 2012

Total Number of Incidents for the year to date 283
Glossary of Terms
FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent, MoP = Member of the Public, NFA = No Further Action, MRCC = Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre,
HMCG, CG or MCA = Coastguard, CRT = Coastguard Rescue Team, ILB/ALB/LB = Lifeboats, MV = Motor Vessel, MB = Motor Boat, ML = Motor Launch,
FV = Fishing Vessel, PWC = Personal Water Craft ("Jet Ski"), RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat, VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier,
UKBF = UK Border Force
Incident No. Date of Incident Station Name Incident Summary Initiated by Lifeboat involved MCA MCA No.
12286 24/12/2012 NCI Charlestown CG requested update on MoPs at risk in water. Continued updating CG as 3 MoPs rescued safely. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 5415
12285 23/12/2012 NCI Wells-next-the-Sea Reported yacht aground. LB attended to tow off into harbour. NCI Yes Yes 4396
12284 16/12/2012 NCI Southend Reported large beached objects possible danger on flood tide. CG informed that Council would collect idc NCI No Yes 5635
12283 12/12/2012 NCI Newhaven Identified disabled yacht to CG for local FV to tow in safely. MCA/HMCG No Yes 5460
12282 12/12/2012 NCI Stepper Point Reported cliff path fire. Fire brigade attended NFA NCI No No
12281 07/12/2012 NCI Shoreham Reported possible hazardous container on beach. Council Hazchem unit collected safely. Nfa NCI No Yes 5414
12280 06/12/2012 NCI Newhaven Reported intermittent loss of nav. lights by FV. CG reported no radio traffic or contact. Nfa NCI No Yes 5410
12279 13/11/2012 NCI Torbay Reported flotsam danger to HM and MRCC. ILB guided on radio and confirmed as a buoy adrift. NCI Yes Yes 305830
12278 03/11/2012 NCI Prawle Point CG requested monitoring and updates on disabled yacht. Casualty towed in by Harbour Launch. MCA/HMCG No Yes 4862
12277 30/10/2012 NCI Newhaven CG requested monitoring of LB recovery of disabled angling dinghy. Reported safe return to harbour. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4918
12276 27/10/2012 NCI Worms Head Reported two MoPs in possible danger on Causeway. Eventually paddled ashore. CRT attended to 'advise'. NCI No Yes 304246
12275 23/10/2012 NCI Worms Head Reported large tree trunk as danger to shipping. CG issued Securite broadcast. NCI No Yes 303914
12274 20/10/2012 NCI Southend Involved in updating QinetiQ re position and subsequent countermining of unexploded ordnance by Army EOD NCI No Yes 4920
12273 19/10/2012 NCI Newhaven CG requested visual on disabled MB. Position provided for LB to tow in safely. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4762
12272 19/10/2012 NCI Bass Point Reported MV anchored close to submarine cable to CG and BT. BT taking action. Nfa NCI No Yes
12271 17/10/2012 NCI Penzance Reported yacht aground off harbour. ILB and CRT attended and yacht towed off safely. NCI Yes Yes 4638
12270 17/10/2012 NCI Charlestown Reported possible 'wreckage'. CRT attended and identified it as a tree. NFA 'FAWGI' NCI No Yes 4635
12268 16/10/2012 NCI Torbay CG requested check on MoP report of climber in trouble. CRT and police attended. Climber found safe. NFA MCA/HMCG No Yes 4624
12269 16/10/2012 NCI Folkestone Relayed MoP report of two others on cliff in trouble and kept CG updated until both safe. NCI No Yes
12267 15/10/2012 NCI St Ives CG requested co-ordinated search by Cornish Stations for missing yacht.Wreckage found later but no survivor. MCA/HMCG No Yes 4601
12266 10/10/2012 NCI Nells Point Reported dead dolphin ashore to CG and VoG Council as health hazard. Local authority removing. NFA NCI No Yes 2977
12265 10/10/2012 NCI Gosport Reported motor boat with lost dinghy. MB found dinghy and commenced tow to harbour. NFA NCI No Yes 4625
12264 06/10/2012 NCI Newhaven Reported possible 'mine' off beach. CRT attended but LB confirmed it to be a 'wave buoy'. NFA NCI Yes Yes 4574
12263 02/10/2012 NCI Torbay Reported sailboarder in trouble. ALB recovered 68 yr-old safely. NCI Yes Yes 4459
12260 30/09/2012 NCI Felixstowe Reported yacht in danger from VLCC. Yacht finally took avoiding action. NFA NCI No Yes 4671
12261 30/09/2012 NCI Skegness Assisted in identifying craft close to vessel reported aground. Check showed vessel safe. CRT stood down. MCA/HMCG No Yes
12262 30/09/2012 NCI Southend Reported two disabled kitesurfers.CG requested Chan.0 con of LB to casualties.MoPs ashore safely. NCI Yes Yes 4664
12259 29/09/2012 NCI Wooltack Point CG requested Chan.16 call to disabled FV. Craft sighted LB launched to tow in safely. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 301624
12258 24/09/2012 NCI St Alban's Head Reported inverted dinghy. MSI broadcast. CRT confirmed to be boat known to be lost in bad weather. NCI No Yes 4450
12257 23/09/2012 NCI Lee-on-the-Solent Reported exhausted windsurfer in trouble. Safe recovery by Inshore Rescue Service. NCI Yes Yes 4421
12256 22/09/2012 NCI Charlestown CG requested weather during recovery of swamped dinghy from beach by LBs. Rescue monitored. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4317
12255 21/09/2012 NCI Newhaven CG requested casualty position and local conditions during recovery by LB of disabled fishing boat. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4390
12254 21/09/2012 NCI Lyme Bay CG requested radio contact with disabled RIB. No contact but craft reached shore. LB towed in. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4394
12253 18/09/2012 NCI Folkestone CG requested visual search for downed hang glider. Nothing sighted. LB Police and helo attended. NFA MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 4476
12252 17/09/2012 NCI Skegness Reported large empty black inflatable. ILB launched. Found to be inflated industrial bin liner. NFA NCI Yes Yes 300
12251 16/09/2012 NCI Nells Point Reported position of disabled yacht. LB launched to tow in safely. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 2808
12250 15/09/2012 NCI Exmouth Reported dayboat aground and monitored until refloated on flooding tide. NCI No Yes
12249 15/09/2012 NCI Southend Reported 2 surfers in danger. LB and CRT launched and directed by Station. MoPs landed safely. NCI Yes Yes 4415
12248 13/09/2012 NCI Shoreham CG requested search for MoP report of kitesurfers in difficulty. Two found safe ashore. nfa MCA/HMCG No Yes 4276
12247 13/09/2012 NCI St Alban's Head CG requested monitoring of disabled motor cruiser. Reported subsequent towing in by SeaStart Co. MCA/HMCG No Yes 4261


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