Welcome to NCI Caister lookout station.

The NCI watchroom occupies the former Lifeboat Station look-out by kind invitation of the independent Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service (CVLS). The Station was initially opened in 2011 and formally, in 2012, by the local BBC television journalist and broadcaster, Susie Fowler-Watt.

The station at Caister is unique amongst NCI look-outs in that it is situated within operational lifeboat facilities as opposed to redundant Coastguard watchstations or other coastal buildings more usually taken up by the charity. That said, despite our unique location, we are no different to our NCI colleagues elsewhere; whilst we have a close working relationship with CVLS, we adhere to strict NCI protocols regarding the recording and reporting of incidents and we respond, as directed by HMCG, in our role as an integral part of the Search and Rescue community.

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Visitor Policy
Visitors are normally most welcome at the lookout although, when an incident is ongoing, this may not always be convenient and the duty watchkeeper may ask visitors to call back later. Visitors should also be aware that the watchroom is accessed by steep stairs; there is no disabled access

Access is via the Coastal Car Park on Beach Road or via Tan Lane footpath

Local Hazards
Sand dunes suffer from multiple rabbit and badger holes. The old sea groynes can be exposed at some tide states.
Operational capability
This station has Declared Facility Status
This station reports to CGOC Humber
Current weather and sea conditions are available by telephone during watch hours
Defibrillator Available: 
Mounted internally available when lookout is open
Station Telephone: 
07527 977613
Visual Watch: 
Radar Watch: 
AIS Watch: 
CCTV Watch: 
DSC Watch: 
Radio: Listening watch on channels: 
Radio: Channels in use (call direct not via ch 16): 
M1 (ch 37)
M2 (ch 80)
Radio: Channel 00: 
Listening watch and ready to transmit as authorised by Coastguard
Station Call Sign: 
Caister NCI
Other Watch Information: 
Radio Watch Monitoring • Caister Lifeboat Beach Channel and 5Kw UHF To nearby Stations
Visual Horizon: 
9 miles
Radar Horizon: 
Radar fitted but not declared for DFS purposes

Station Info

Station Address
The Lifeboat Station (Attn National Coastwatch)
Tan Lane
Caister On Sea
NR30 5DJ
Station telephone number
07527 977613
Station email address
Station contact
Frank Lappin
Station contact role
Station Manager
07719 413622
Station website

Summer opening
Open from: 
Open until: 
Every Day
Summer watches are kept from the start of BST. Additionally, with effect from 1 July 2017, the station will remain open until 1900 (Fri to Sun) for public safety, to cover school holidays at peak times when parents/guardians are likely to be off work and therefore use the beach, together with their children.The Station is also open during Lifeboat call outs or DFS/HMCG emergencies after hours, if called upon.
Winter opening
Open from: 
Open until: 
Every Day
Winter watches begin at the end of BST.
52° 38.74' N
001° 44.21' E
OS Reference: 
TG 528119
Station Elevation: 
20 Feet. 6 Metres
Visual features of station
The lookout is in a distinctive, curved-roof, red building situated above the Heritage Centre of the Independent Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service. It has a commanding 5 mile panoramic view of the East Coast and Scroby Sands Wind Farm. An information Board on the north elevation of the building provides details of Caister NCI and indicates when 'on watch'. NCI-logo windchasers provide additional notice to beach users that the station is open.


Currently 56 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies offering a variety of skills and experience, and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.








The words National Coastwatch Institution and Eyes Along the Coast and the NCI logos are Registered Trademarks of NCI.


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